Western Turkey

January 20, 2016 - Comment
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anonymous says:

Excellent video with lots of great information! I bought this video to help with planning a Mediterranean cruise for our family next year and it was very helpful. I have been a fan of Rick Steves for many years and always watch his travel shows hoping to someday visit every site as he brings such enthusiasm and usable information. This DVD contains information on several places we have been talking about visiting for 20+ years and now we are convinced we must visit them. 

Brian E. Erland says:

Sill More Adventures With Rick Steves’ Has there ever been another travel guide more amiable, more informative, more eclectic and just plain likeable than Rick Steves? This somewhat nerdish but pleasant looking fellow will immediately win the viewer over with his charm, humor and smoothing, layback manner. However what will keep you watching program after program is his consummate knowledge of the sites and people he visits. 

Van says:

Full of good info. I am on my way to these four countries. After reading Rick’s book, I feel more secure because of the information he shared. He did help in my planning. Always a good source of information.

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